Becoming a member of the Nuclear AMRC gives you our highest level of support, plus significant business development and networking opportunities.

Membership of the Nuclear AMRC puts you at the heart of the UK nuclear industry. Our membership scheme is based on the proven AMRC model, which has successfully delivered real benefits for UK supply chains in aerospace and other high-value sectors.

We offer our members significant business development benefits, networking opportunities, and access to market intelligence and targeted support. We provide an international showcase for the UK civil nuclear supply chain, and an exclusive platform to support your own marketing.

You will also have the opportunity to help determine our research priorities and capabilities, and leverage your R&D investment through our board-directed research.

Member companies benefit from:

  • Access to world-class R&D capabilities and expertise.
  • Participation in generic R&D programmes, with shared costs and risks.
  • Access to previous project results.
  • Ability to help set our research agenda.
  • Networking opportunities with companies along the nuclear supply chain.
  • Industry recognition through association with a world-class centre of excellence.


Please note that you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of our other services and capabilities.

Membership model

The Nuclear AMRC’s flexible model allows you to tailor your membership to your particular business requirements.

Membership of the Nuclear AMRC is open to any company operating in, or serious about joining, the nuclear supply chain. Our current members cover the supply chain from reactor providers and top-tier suppliers, to SMEs offering specialist equipment and services.

We offer a two-tier membership structure. The appropriate tier depends on the size of your company and your position in the supply chain.

Tier one:

  • Industry leaders – primes and top-tier suppliers.
  • Seat on the Nuclear AMRC programme and research boards.
  • Help set our strategy and research priorities.
  • Access to R&D capabilities and generic project results.
  • Annual cost of £200,000.

Tier two:

  • Supply chain and smaller companies.
  • Seat on the research board, and representation on the programme board.
  • Networking and supply chain development.
  • Access to R&D capabilities and generic project results.
  • Annual cost of £30,000.

You can pay for your membership by money transfer, or provide an equivalent value of in-kind goods or services.

For fee-paying members, two-thirds of your membership fee is ring-fenced for your own R&D projects. The remaining third is a contribution towards our board-directed core research projects.

A membership application is usually submitted following discussions with the Nuclear AMRC business development team, to make sure that membership is right for your business and to agree appropriate terms.

There’s never been a better time to become a member of the Nuclear AMRC. We are committed to providing additional value to our members, to meet the specific requirements of the UK nuclear industry, and are rolling out new services to provide even more value to your membership.

Member-led research

Membership allows you to help determine our research capabilities and focus, and to commission projects of direct value to your business.

The Nuclear AMRC brings together the experience and resources of industry leaders with the expertise and innovation of applied researchers. Close engagement with our research teams will give you the greatest benefit from your membership, as we can leverage your research investment to solve your manufacturing challenges. All members have a seat at our research board, which meets four times a year.

Membership supports research into fundamental manufacturing problems, and investigations into emerging technologies, with topics determined by our research board of members and key partners. Core projects are funded through membership, with a third of the contribution from fee-paying members going into the shared pot for generic projects.

Board R&D projects fall into two categories:

  • Generic projects involve research into areas of shared interest. Members are always encouraged to propose new projects, to help make sure our work is answering real industry needs. The shared costs and risks can provide significant gearing of your R&D investment, with the multiplier determined by the number of participating members.
  • Directed projects involve research into an area of specific interest to your business, funded from your membership (two-thirds of your fee goes towards directed projects). In many cases, you will be able to work with other members with interests in the same area, providing further gearing of your investment.

We also give members early insight into current and upcoming calls for collaborative R&D funding from Innovate UK and other agencies. We can work with you to form tailored research consortiums and prepare bids.